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Dusk Flying and landing at our Strip with a red sky
Windows Media .WMV file streaming 320x240 Size: 700k Duration: 58 Seconds

Sunset was at 20:00 and I did some flying right up until the legal limit 30 minutes later.

It also gave me the chance to test out my new front Headlamp!

Check this out!

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Skimming along a Scottish beach Low-level Part #1!
Windows Media .WMV file streaming 320x240

Size: 1.4Mb Duration:2 minutes 12 seconds

We found a deserted Scottish Island and landed, taking in the fresh sea breeze and the reality of how fantastic Microlighting is.

Our tent and gear was 15 miles away on a another island, Gigha, where we were staying.... Not bad for a 20 minute flight! This is taken from the inside.

Skimming along a Scottish Beach - Part #2
Windows Media .WMV file streaming 320x240
Size: 658k Duration: 58 seconds

Beach Skimming Part 2 - Me doing a Full Beach Run, filmed from outside the trike.

The link picture above is the a thumbnail picture of the queue to the Barbecue in the evening

Windows Media .WMV file streaming 320x240

Size: 1.3Mb Duration:2 minutes 1 second

The UK's biggest ever Microlight party was hosted at Sandown airfield on the Isle of Wight. See the approach and hundreds of planes parked from the air as I came into land.

The second section shows a reverse view of a thermic takeoff from Popham (surrounded by trees) on the way home, where we stopped for a well-earned Breakfast.

Listen carefully to the radio..

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