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Flying to Yecla from Vera, Spain Approaching Yecla We landed on the wrong strip at Yecla though. It was a model aircraft field. The main runway was a dirt strip 200M away to the south! A Friendly local feeding me non-GM Lettuce. Tasty!
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Being sent out to sea by Valencia ATC across the bay, 6 miles out. During this, I took this picture of the bay. Light, strange winds along the coast near sunset Castellon de la plana, East coast of spain. The day I decided not to fly and the forecast for the day. The sky 40 minutes later, true to the forecast. Embedded CB's engulfing the coast.
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After 4 days of waiting, I set off for Ordis, on the Spanish border. The flight was 3 hours of concentration and focus, with few places to land in an emergency. Trees, powerlines or trees! The Spanish Border and the Pyrenees in the distance, reading to cross The stress and concentration showing on my face whilst navigating around the complex Barcelona TMA A welcoming but windy windsock at Ordis, Spain. Finally landing near the border for the night.

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