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High above the English Countryside with a view from Kimbolton to the Wash in Norfolk (about 70+ Miles)! The same evening..landing at Kimbolton and the view before tracking home My mate Paul trailering his vintage "Striker" machine to the local Carnival Sunset Across the Solent to the Isle of Wight Fly-In (2004)
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Sunset Across the Solent The view over our field when we got back. Cloudbusting at 6500ft! My second flight of 2004.. I found the only hole for miles and climbed up and this is was the view Looking sideways away from the hole..
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On the way to Bernard's Field in Cambridgeshire, to a Fly-In. Scattered showers all around. This stack cumulus cloud hovered right over Bernard's Field! G-CI braving the cloudbase to see whether it was bumpy underneath .. Under the cloud, and columns of rain visible, but directly over the field. 5 Flexwings orbited the field around the column to land

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