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"Coltishall, G-IZ is a Microlight inbound to Cromer, 3,000ft on 1023 and have just passed through the Marham overhead at 3,000ft. Can you tell me if you are active please".

"Roger, we are active and…."
That was the end of the sentence.

I was about to call for a changeover to the Microlight channel on 129.825 when "G-IZ, call field in sight" boomed across the airways.

I descended to Northrepps and landed. After securing my trike wing to the ground with a large block of concrete tie-down, I signed in, still on a high from the experience.

I called a local taxi company to take me to the seafront for lunch, whilst a friendly model aircraft flier offered to take care of, and watch my machine whilst I was gone.

Alas, time ran out all too quickly; it was fast approaching going-home time and the clock struck 18:00.

I took off and the wind had dropped off as forecast. Climbing to 6,000ft, and it was one of those rare English days when the warm sun swathes the countryside and the clouds are vanishing quickly before dark.

The winds were light on the ground, and here I was, skimming along the hazy inversion line in near-zero temperatures. A few cumulus clouds were making a break for freedom, and poked lazily through the inversion before sunset. I looked down at the world slowly drifting by and reflected on the excitement charged day, realising again why flying is such a passion.

I cranked up my newly acquired heated waistcoat to halfway. It had been much too warm further down to use, and I here I was, finally able to give it a run for its money!

High in the sky, I was curious as to what the winds were doing up here compared to lower down. Maybe they were less.

As soon as I climbed clear of the inversion, a glance at the GPS revealed that the headwind had dropped by 5-10 MPH. I had gained groundspeed. I proved the point and descended below into the gloomy haze again, and the groundspeed reduced. Another useful lesson learnt.

It was fast approaching nine o'clock, and I flew over a final wispy evening cumulus. My trikes' shadowy outline shimmered against the cloud, and I reduced the throttle and landed into the sunset.

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